Where can I find high-quality guqin?

The external features of a guqin include the body, surface, shaft, and string axis. The body of a guqin is the main part, which can be divided into three types: long body, short body, and small body, with the long body being the mainstream. The visible part on the piano surface has seven string tracks and thirteen badges. The shaft refers to the axle used for the strings, and buyers need to check if it is in good condition and if there is excessive wear. The chord axis refers to the mechanical part used for tuning and also needs to be checked for completeness.
For first-time buyers of guqin, they may feel confused about the type, quality, price, and other aspects of guqin. Here are some related matters for purchasing guqin: 1. Purchase method: Nowadays, there are more and more ways to purchase guqin online, but it is best to go to a legitimate instrument store to purchase guqin. This can ensure the quality and authenticity of the piano. 2. Choosing a brand: Choosing a brand is also an important factor in purchasing guqin. Currently, there are many brands on the market that produce guqin, such as Jiuyin and Shanyin. The quality assurance of the qin produced by these brands is high, and they have a long history, making them a good choice for purchasing. 3. Quality of qin: When purchasing a guqin, quality is also an important factor to consider. The quality of guqin is mainly reflected in the quality of the material, the distinct sound quality, and the handmade craftsmanship of the surface. When selecting a guqin, one can identify it by listening to it, touching it, or looking at it to ensure the quality of the guqin purchased. 4. Price: The price of guqin varies due to factors such as quality, brand, and materials. After entering the instrument store to test the instrument, you can determine a suitable purchase budget based on your actual situation.
Finally, let is analyze the price of guqin: we will only discuss the price of cedar lacquer guqin. Panel cedar: About 500 yuan (old materials, on average, require so much, but good and ordinary ones will be divided to make different grades of guqin). If new cedar is used, it will be much cheaper, after all, it is mined in bulk. Bottom Plate Zimu: About two hundred yuan. The Guqin emphasizes yin and yang, with Chinese fir as yang and Zimu as yin. Zimu is a hardwood that supports the entire body of the qin. Grey tire: About two hundred yuan, mixed with raw lacquer and deer horn cream, plus summer cloth, that is the price. Accessories: A complete set of three hundred yuan, 150 strings, qin emblem, Yue Shan Guan Jiao, wild goose feet. Big paint: 500 to 1000 yuan, as different grades require different amounts of paint. Labor cost: 800-3000 yuan. Pianist Zhuo is paid according to the salary of the qin, with different grades and prices. Therefore, in summary, the cost of a regular guqin is at least 4000 yuan or more

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